New Artist Designs from Tallulah Ketubahs

So far 2017 has been a busy and exciting year for local vendor Tallulah Ketubahs. In January they partnered with Simply Framed, to offer affordable high-quality framing in a variety of gallery style profiles made by hand here in the USA. All of their ketubahs, wedding certificates, illuminated blessings, quotes, and Parents’ Gifts can now be purchased with a beautiful frame to match.

Folk Art Hamsah Ketubah

Tallulah Ketubahs also continues to add new designs to their selection of Limited Edition archival giclée print ketubahs. In addition to the new Folk Art Hamsah design, created by business Owner and Designer, Rachel Marks, Tallulah Ketubahs has teamed up with established artists to offer exclusive limited edition designs. This year they are pleased to offer work by New York based artist Alyssa Dennis and Washington, D.C. based artist Katherine Sable.

Artist Alyssa Dennis

Dandelion Purslane Herbal Ketubah

Alyssa Dennis designed the Milkweed Herbal and Dandelion Purslane Herbal ketubahs. Alyssa’s exclusive designs for Tallulah Ketubahs incorporate her delicate botanical drawings of edible and medicinal wild plants. The original artwork was hand-drawn using ink and colored pencil. The specific plants were chosen for their healing and beneficial properties.

Milkweed Herbal Ketubah

Alyssa Dennis lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She has shown her work internationally in such galleries as Kesting/Ray in New York, White Walls in San Francisco and Ellen Miller Gallery in Boston, MA. She is currently showing work with Gallery 19 in Chicago, Causey Contemporary, NYC and has an upcoming show at the Arlington Art Center, VA. Her work has been featured in Drawing Magazine and New American Paintings.

Artist Katherine Sable

Pink Diamond Ketubah

Artist Katherine Sable’s work explores geometric patterning and decorative embellishment. She lent her impeccable sense of color and rhythm to the Stained Glass and Pink Diamond designs she created for Tallulah Ketubahs.

Stained Glass Ketubah

Katherine Sable, an accomplished painter based in Washington, D.C., has exhibited her work widely, including with Hemphill Fine Art and Heiner Contemporary in Washington, D.C. and at Walker Fine Art Center in Virginia. Her work has been reviewed by The Washington Post and Washington City Paper, among others, and she has been featured in The Washingtonian After Hours Blog, and Sharon Butler’s Two Coats of Paint.

Each of the Guest Artists’ designs is beautifully rendered and the illustrations pair perfectly with a range of ketubah or Parents’ Gift texts. They are available for purchase as Archival Giclée Prints in short run limited editions of 15.

Rachel told us, “I am so pleased to be able to offer my couples this opportunity to add Alyssa or Katherine’s work to their collection. We plan to continue to partner with other artists in the future and hope to add to our selection of Limited Edition print ketubahs each year.”

Tallulah Ketubahs also proudly offers hand-painted original artwork and portraits for anniversary gifts or any occasion as well as custom calligraphy in traditional and modern styles for weddings, mitvahs, special events and small projects.

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