Lyndsay and James’ Philadelphia Navy Yard Engagement Session

Just in time for Fall, enjoy this very autumn engagement session from Alexzandra Robertson Photography!

About The Philadelphia Navy Yard:

Engagement photo sessions at the Naval Yard in Philadelphia offer a unique and picturesque backdrop for capturing the love and excitement of a couple’s journey towards marriage. This historic waterfront location, steeped in maritime heritage, provides a charming blend of urban and industrial aesthetics. With its expansive views of the Delaware River, rustic brick buildings, and stunning waterfront promenade, the Naval Yard serves as a captivating canvas for photographers to work their magic. Couples can stroll along the cobblestone streets, pose against the backdrop of old naval structures, or share an intimate moment by the water’s edge, creating unforgettable memories and beautiful images that reflect their love story against the backdrop of Philadelphia’s rich history.

Photographer: Alexzandra Robertson Photography