Some people may think that restaurant proposals are a thing of the past.  Though a survey by wedding website The Knot revealed that 31 percent of women would want to be proposed to at their favorite restaurant.  Asking the big questions is no easy task.  So here are a few suggestions from Frank Hess, Ocean Prime Philadelphia GM who has witnessed many do’s and don’ts when proposing.
·         Always make a reservation.  No one wants to spend an hour begging the hostess to squeeze them in.
·         Be about 99.9% sure he or she is going to say yes!
·         Fill us in – ask for the GM (at least a week in advance and let us know you are going to pop the question) —this way we can help you plan something exciting and unique!  Think of our signature Seafood Tower with the ring strategically placed on top or how about a cocktail created just for the occasion.
·         Best practice, wait until after desert.  If he or she says no, at least the meal is almost over and you can drive home in silence.

·   And make it a night to remember.

Alizabeth C. Weisberg Sales and Events Manager for Ocean Prime getting engaged at Ocean Prime in Beverly Hills

Alizabeth C. Weisberg Sales and Events Manager for Ocean Prime

About Ocean Prime:
Ocean Prime is a modern American restaurant and lounge from renowned restaurateur Cameron Mitchell. Located in Center City Philadelphia. Ocean Prime is just steps from Philadelphia’s theaters and other attractions. Ocean Prime is housed in a stunning building with dramatic soaring ceilings, dark woods, rich upholstery and other luxe details. Ocean Prime’s menu features prime cuts of steak, signature cocktails, a Wine Spectator-honored wine list and truly genuine hospitality make Ocean Prime the ideal place to socialize talk business celebrate and indulge. Ocean Prime is located at 124 S. 15th Street in the heart of Center City Philadlephia.

Real Proposal at Ocean Prime, Philadelphia | Couple: Cathy and Allan

Real Proposal at Ocean Prime Philadelphia Engagement

From Allan:

When I proposed to Cathy, I tried to have all my ducks in a row before the big moment. I made reservations with Ocean Prime a couple weeks before the big day. That day also happened to be Cathy’s birthday. I told them it was her birthday just so that the servers knew to give her that little bit of extra attention. My sister, Ashley, is like my right hand man. She was bouncing ideas off me to see what I would think would be a good idea to surprise Cathy with the engagement. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, the Love Park fountain was dyed pink. We thought it would be a good idea to propose at Love Park, in front of the LOVE sign with the pink water in the background. We were also going to recruit a couple of our friends to hold up signs: Will. You. (LOVE sign) Me. Forever. Well none of that happened because Cathy didn’t want to go to Love park at all. We even made up a story that the Flyers were there signing autographs but she didn’t bite. Sooooo…Ashley was able to fill in the staff at Ocean Prime. Right after appetizers came out, the staff came out with the signs (we quickly made up a LOVE sign). Regardless if I was ready or not, I had no choice but to pop the question right there. I got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. I don’t remember what I said to Cathy and I’m sure she doesn’t remember what I said either. All I know is she said yes!

The actual dinner was great, thanks to our server. Coincidentally, my wife went to grade school with him and it was nice having a childhood friend share our moment with us. At the end of dinner, he surprised us with all of the desserts and we were able to sample everything. Ocean Prime did a good job with the assist.


From Cathy:

Allan pretty much explained how the proposal went down! Although I ruined his first plan for proposal I wouldn’t ask for a better place to be proposed to, then Ocean Prime.  I always loved their food and service so having their staff involved with the proposal made me fall in love with the restaurant that much more.  Our server Dymond was amazing but not to mention I went to school with him from 4th grade until 8th grade so it was very special to me that he was able to share the moment I dreamt of my whole life.  The staff treated me like a princess the whole time I was there so if any guys think it’s cheesy to propose to their girlfriend in a restaurant, think again!  They surely make you feel extra special!


Tips on Getting Engaged in a Restaurant from Ocean Prime GM, Frank Hess