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Wedding Photographer Highlight – Nicole Cordisco Photography

Nicole Cordisco, Philadelphia Wedding Photographers

Who is Nicole, the artist behind the camera?

I have always been really interested in people’s stories and how each person has their own to tell. That is why I absolutely love being a wedding photographer. It gives me the opportunity to witness some of the happiest moments in a couple’s journey together. What could be better than that; to tell the story of two people and their love for one another? And to share some laughs during all of it!
When I am not working I am most likely telling my dog, Pixel, how adorable she is. I love coffee, all forms of art, and spending time with my husband and children. Proud nerd with interests in books, superheroes, Doctor Who, HGTV, and have a flair for anything vintage.

Nicole Cordisco, Philadelphia Wedding Photographers
Nicole Cordisco, Philadelphia Wedding Photographers

When did you first realize your passion for photography, and how has this journey cultivated you into the photographer you are now?

I have always had a strong passion for art in general. I took my first photography course in college where we used film and the dark room. I developed my very first photo I had ever taken with a manual camera and I loved it. That was all it took for me. I spent years studying while working full time and raising my children. Eventually I started to work under other event photographers and learned a lot from my peers. When it was the right time for me to move out on my own, I realized that I really wanted to be a people first type of photographer. I love the connection I have with all of my clients and they are what matters most. At this point in my career, I feel like I have not only become a better photographer but also a better person.

Nicole Cordisco, Philadelphia Wedding Photographers, engagement photos

How would you describe your photography style?

Natural. In the sense that it is completely focused on having my clients be themselves. I may use the natural light of the room or I may create dramatic, epic lighting. In all of the photographs, the common theme is having my couple not feel posed. I want them to hold each other like they would when snuggling on the couch, laugh at each other’s jokes, dance together like no one else is there. All of these pieces are what makes a photo magical.  

Nicole Cordisco, Philadelphia Wedding Photographers
Nicole Cordisco, Philadelphia Wedding Photographers, south philly engagement session

What is the process like for couples who want to book you for their wedding?

It is very important to me that I have a chance to get to know the couple before we finish the booking process. I prefer an in person meeting where we can go over what is important to them and their vision so I can make sure I am the right person for them. A few dad jokes may be made in the process. During the meeting, we will discuss not only colors and styles but also help with figuring out possible timelines. Planning a wedding can be an arduous task and my goal is to use my experience to help you where I can. Once a couple decides to book, everything can be done right online. Right from there, we begin designing your engagement session together.

Nicole Cordisco, Philadelphia Wedding Photographers, broad street

What do you love most about photographing weddings/couples?

I love being a part of their journey and being the lucky one to capture these moments for them. Every story, every love, every person is unique. I watch them move from deciding to spend their lives together to being there with their family and friends and seeing it happen and it is amazing. There is so much joy and love and I get to witness it. I love that moment when you can see on their face that they just realized they are married. Some people starting giggling and others begin to cry. I get to photograph that moment knowing years from now they will look back on that image and remember that feeling

Nicole Cordisco, Philadelphia Wedding Photographers, engagement photos

Besides weddings, what other moments do you like to capture?

I love continuing on the journey with my couples and photographing their families. Whether it is welcoming a new baby, adopting a furbaby, celebrating another year shared together. All of these milestones are worth celebrating.

What other locations do you cover in addition to Philadelphia?

Locally, I travel from New York to Delaware covering all the surrounding areas. But I also travel to any location worldwide as well. I am always ready for an adventure.

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