8 Floral Trends For Summer 2018 Weddings

The 2018 summer wedding season is upon us. According to Vito Russo, Vice President and Creative Director for Carl Alan, one of the Philadelphia region’s leading floral design firms, “whether a wedding is small or large, brides look to flowers to reflect their own personality and style and to provide the wow factor at their weddings.”  Russo suggests several floral design trends that brides are embracing during the 2018 wedding season:

Wearing flowers as jewelry or as part of the bride’s clothing

Today, brides are wearing their flowers as pins, earrings, bracelets and more to complement the rest of their outfit and the decor.  Even traditional floral appliques on dresses have become 3-D as real flowers are incorporated as part of the dress.

2018 Summer Floral Trends by Carl Alan Floral Designs Philly In Love Philadelphia Weddings Venues Vendors

Photo was taken by Eve Levinson

Hanging flowers

Hanging floral arrangements and mini-gardens add a dramatic visual to the room, especially when combined with spectacular lighting.

The new piece de resistance – the Ring of Flowers

Brides will truly make a statement with the Ring of Flowers.  The lush floral Ring represents the circle of love and the piece quickly becomes a beautiful focal point and conversation piece at the wedding.

Wedding wreaths with aromatic herbs and flowers

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas anymore.  Speaking of circles, decorative wedding wreaths curated using a pleasant aromatic blend of herbs and flowers are popular designed to enhance weddings, especially those with more natural themes.

2018 Summer Floral Trends by Carl Alan Floral Designs Philly In Love Philadelphia Weddings Venues Vendors

Photo was taken by Vito Russo

Speaking of natural, natural floral design concepts are in

More and more wedding themes celebrate the natural environment by bringing in decorative greens and wood accents into the floral decor themes.

Darker color flowers are being used as a color theme or accent

Dark colors are in this year, featuring purples, deep blues, and burgundies.  Brides use them either as their color theme or as rich accents to muted pastel flower backgrounds.

2018 Summer Floral Trends by Carl Alan Floral Designs Philly In Love Philadelphia Weddings Venues Vendors

Photographer: Philip Gabriel Photography

Copper and bronze metallic colors are big, too

Brides are using them in distinctive vases and accent pieces, candle holders, and tabletop decor.

Unique boutonnieres are quite fashionable

And now one for the guys . . . the traditional single flower has been transformed into unique boutonnieres, like their own personal bouquet.

Said Vito Russo, “Tradition is important when planning a wedding, but in 2018 the rules have become less important because the bride’s distinctive personality and her dreams guide her decor and satisfaction.  At Carl Alan, we make time to listen carefully to brides and then create the wow factor uniquely for her, because we approach every floral piece as a work of art.”

About Carl Alan Floral Designs – celebrating its 100th year, Carl Alan is one of the region’s leading and most awarded floral design firms, specializing in weddings, mitzvahs, corporate decor and individual parties and events.  The company is currently run by the family’s 3rd generation, Carl Schwartz.  Carl Alan has received numerous awards, including one presented by The Knot Magazine for best wedding florist in Philadelphia, the prestigious Mather and Company Award for floral excellence in designing and the NFA (National Florist Association) Award for best floral design company in Philadelphia. This acclaimed design team has provided arrangements for events and galas honoring Sandra Day O’Connor, Joan Rivers, Steve Forbes, Bruce Willis, Angie Dickinson, Carl Bernstein, Salman Rushdie, Gregory Peck, President Bush, President Obama and Army Lt. Gen. David Petraeus.  Floral arrangements include design for Samuel L. Jackson, Fergie and Kathleen Turner.