33 Fall Flowers For Your Wedding

It’s the season for fall weddings! Featuring warm and earthy tones, paired with bold and bright accents, the season is all about creating a color palette that is both classic and unique. With stunning florals like dahlias, ranunculuses, and proteas, the season is known for its eclectic selection of blooms that will truly make your special day pop.
To help you choose your fall wedding flowers, our friends over at FTD compiled these fall-inspired bridal bouquets. Each visual includes a list of featured florals so that you can easily recreate these stunning bouquets yourself. Check out the bouquets below, you’ll be sure to discover a few special flowers to include in your fall wedding.

Lush & Vibrant Fall Wedding Flowers


Photography by: Red October Photography | Florist: Holly Chapple Flowers | Planner: Pop the Cork Designs

Bright magenta and fuchsia roses make up this bouquet, which on their own may feel more indicative of summer. However, the wine-colored dahlias and tomato red hawthorn berries and ranunculus warm up the overall look and feel, resulting in a bouquet that is both lush and vibrant for fall.

  • Ranunculus – Ranunculus flowers are available in a wide variety of bright colors, especially reds, oranges, and purples. They are known for their densely layered flowers with delicate paper-like petals.
  • Garden Rose – Garden roses are classic fall wedding flowers known for their large blooms and long-lasting flowers. The garden roses included in this bouquet are bright pink. They are one of the most colorful flowers that fall has to offer.
  • Pincushion Protea – Believe it or not, the “pins” on pincushion protea are actually pistils of individual flowers. Their pistils range in color from bright orange to red, each with yellow tips — which are fall’s most iconic colors. Their exotic shape and splash of bright color make them the perfect fall wedding flower.
  • Heather – Heather flowers symbolize adoration and good luck. In fact, according to Scottish culture, putting a sprig of heather in a bride’s bouquet will bring good luck to the marriage. Heather plants are evergreen shrubs and their flowers typically bloom from July to September. Their tiny flowers grow on long sprigs and come in a variety of colors, making them a great filler flower for bouquets.
  • Hawthorn Berry – Hawthorn berries are known for their healing medicinal properties, but they’re also a great addition to floral arrangements! Their bright red color is reminiscent of the changing colors of fall leaves, and they are perfect for adding color and texture to a fall wedding bouquet.
  • Olive Leaves – Olive leaves are long, slender, and two-toned. The top of the leaf is dark green and the bottom of the leaf is light green, almost white. The leaves’ contrasting colors allow the plant to fit into a wide variety of color schemes. In this particular bouquet, the muted green color of the leaves provides a good contrast to the bright colors of the pink garden roses and ranunculus.

Classic and Refined Fall Wedding Flowers


Photography by: Kristen Weaver Photography | Florist: Botanica Florist

This elegant bouquet features dusty mauve and muted tones that evoke both antiquity and nostalgia. The pink ice proteas paired with champagne roses give this bouquet an overall classic and refined look. Bursts of color are provided by red firecracker flowers and tiny pepper berries, which are complemented by earthy green scabiosa pods and slender weeping willow leaves.

  • Champagne Rose – Champagne roses are known for their pale peach color and antique feel. Their muted color makes them a great fit for the dusty mauve color scheme used in this bouquet.
  • Pink Ice Protea – Due to their bloom time in fall, protea are popular as fall wedding flowers — particularly pink ice protea. This protea species is a hybrid that originated in South Africa and its blooms can last for two to three weeks. As the months get colder, the flower’s pink pigment will intensify.
  • Juliet Garden Rose – Juliet roses are known for their cupped rosette shape and sweet fragrance. They are also referred to as English or David Austin roses, named after the world-renowned rose breeder who developed this unique group of flowers. Popular for its soft apricot colors that can complement many color schemes, the Juliet rose has become one of the most widely used wedding flowers in the world.
  • Rice Flower – The rice flower is a species that is native to Australia.It belongs to the daisy family. Scientifically known as Ozothamnus diosmifolius, the rice flower grows in clusters of up to 100 flowers. Rice flowers are available in both white and various shades of pink.
  • Hypericum – Hypericum berries come from the St. John’s Wort plant. During the summer the plant produces bright yellow blossoms that are followed by bright red berries in the fall. In addition to red, the berries also exhibit all the colors of fall from deep orange to golden yellow.
  • Firecracker Plant – The firecracker plant has small, bright red flowers that are shaped like tubes and resemble tiny firecrackers. They grow in hardiness zones 9 to 11 and are great for attracting hummingbirds.
  • Pepperberry – Pepperberries are the fruit of the pepper tree. They contain the pepper seed that is used in cooking. This bouquet features pepperberries from the Peruvian pepper tree, which is known for its bright pink berries. This tree is also known as the California pepper tree and has been listed as an invasive species due to how fast it spreads its seeds.
  • Willow Leaves – Willow leaves are long and slender. They form from thin branches that hang down from the tree and often touch the ground. Thus, they are also nicknamed “weeping willows” due to their droopy and somber appearance. There are over 400 species of willow trees, which are incredibly fast growing.
  • Scabiosa Pod – Scabiosa are flowers that bloom in late summer and fall. Although their flowers come in a variety of bright colors including white, deep red, and violet, their dried pods have become increasingly popular in floral arrangements. These pods are brown with an earthy green tint, and feature cup-like petals arranged in a ball shape. They add a rustic touch to any arrangement and are perfect for fall.

Stylish and Modern Fall Wedding Flowers


Photography by: Bird on the Wall Photography | Florist: Botanica Naturalis

This bouquet features two varieties of protea: king protea and blushing bride protea. The pale pink colors are accented by violet waxflowers and ashy blue tetra nuts, which add texture. The King protea is embellished with gold glitter for a fun and whimsical take on this majestic bloom. The overall effect is a bouquet that is both stylish and modern.

  • King Protea – The king protea is one of the most spectacular species of protea and is the national flower of South Africa. With a massive bloom size that can reach almost 12 inches in width, the king protea is one of the largest protea species. It has long pink petals that surround a furry center, as well as large leathery leaves. Within a bouquet, it is typically the star of the show.
  • Blushing Bride Protea – The blushing bride protea is another stunning species of protea. It is much smaller in size to the King protea. It has delicate white petals that are nearly transparent, and a soft pink center. It is said that these flowers got their name from men wearing them in their buttonholes on the way to propose, thus resulting in a “blushing bride.” Proteas are known for being fall-blooming flowers, making them the perfect choice for fall weddings.
  • Tetra Nut – Also known as eucalyptus bell pods, tetra nuts are the flower buds of the species Eucalyptus tetragona, also known as Eucalyptus pleurocarpa. Tetra nuts have a subdued pale blue color, making them an ideal complement to a muted fall color palette.
  • Waxflower – The waxflower has purple flowers with white centers. It is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to six feet. Due to its hardiness, it is a popular filler for floral arrangements.

Soft and Feminine Fall Wedding Flowers


Photography by: Christa-Taylor Photography | Florist: Form and Flora

The soft and delicate colors included within this bouquet are made up of coral roses and white peonies, accented by pale green poppy pods, eucalyptus leaves, and artichoke. The soft and feminine colors in this bouquet are both warm and delicate, a divergence from the traditional bright and bold colors of fall.

  • Peony – Peonies are a prized wedding flower, known for their lush appearance and sweet fragrance. Their large flower heads are dense with layers upon layers of petals. Including just one or two large peony blossoms within a bouquet is enough to make a big statement.
  • Silver Dollar Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus leaves come in many different shapes and sizes. The silver dollar eucalyptus is known for its round leaves that appear ashy blue. The silvery leaves complement the muted tones of fall.
  • Poppy Pod – Poppies are typically summer blooming flowers and are available in a wide variety of bright colors. When not in bloom, poppy pods are also special in their own way. These ball-shaped pods grow on long stalks and have a chalky green color making them a great alternative to foliage.
  • Artichoke – Did you know that artichokes are actually flower buds? Due to the recent trend in utilizing fruits and vegetables in bouquets, artichokes have become increasingly popular. Their flower-like shape and brown-tinged green petals are a perfect way to add a uniquely rustic touch to a bouquet like this, which features many classic wedding flowers like roses and peonies.

Vivid and Elegant Fall Wedding Flowers


Photography by: With Love and Embers Photography | Florist: Little Big Farm, Blog

The elegant coral dahlia takes center stage in this bouquet. It is accented by the surrounding smaller blooms including classic roses, scabiosa flowers, amaranthus, and more dahlias. The deep reds and rich burgundy tones are complemented by soft corals and ashy pale greens that evoke a sense of vivacity and elegance.

  • Dahlia – Dahlias are a classic fall wedding flower. Dahlias come in all shapes and sizes, and are popular for their densely layered petals. The focal point of this fall bouquet is a large dahlia, which creates a great foundation for adding complementary colors and textures. The smaller wine-colored dahlias complement the blush-colored center dahlia, adding just the right amount of drama.
  • Spray Roses – Spray roses typically have much smaller blooms. They are widely popular as accent and filler flowers due to their size and wide variety of colors.
  • Amaranthus – Amaranthus is an exotic plant with a rich history in Aztec culture. It has a deep red color that ranges from burgundy to rich magenta, and is popular as a dried flower.
  • Rosemary – Rosemary is an evergreen shrub that is used as a fragrant herb, making it a unique choice for a fall wedding bouquet. Its hardy needles are great for adding texture and depth.
  • Sage – Sage is another popular herb that is great for flower arrangements. It has an earthy scent and its soft furry leaves are an ashy green color that does well complementing brighter and bolder flowers.
  • Dusty Miller – Dusty miller is a plant that’s known for its lacey and silvery foliage. It is popular as an accent in bouquets and centerpieces.

Wild and Rustic Fall Wedding Flowers


Photography by: Melissa Beattie Photography | Florist: Forage and Blossom

This bouquet features wild coneflowers along with classic garden roses and ranunculus flowers. The seeded eucalyptus sprigs and feathery asparagus fern offer a play on texture that givesthis bouquet a wild, rustic look. Due to the heavy greenery and various textures and shapes, this bouquet is perfect for a rustic fall wedding.

  • Coneflower – Coneflowers are similar in shape to daisies, and are known for their raised centers. They are a drought-tolerant species that are related to echinacea, a popular herbal supplement. In this bouquet, the florist put a creative spin on these flowers by removing the petals to create a fun round shape that adds texture and height to the bouquet.
  • Eucalyptus leaves – The long stems and leaves of the eucalyptus tree are great for adding depth to a bouquet or floral arrangement. Their hardy leaves that range in hue from dark green to a lighter, muted tone are the perfect complement to fall wedding flowers.
  • Seeded Eucalyptus – Seeded eucalyptus are a great way to add texture and foliage, and are perfect as fillers. They are harvested from the top branches of a eucalyptus tree before they are mature enough to flower. Their ashy blue-grey berries are shaped like jacks, and are a great way to add texture.
  • Asparagus Fern – Asparagus ferns are popular as houseplants and grow well in containers. Their feathery green branches are lined with tiny leaves, which are great for adding texture particularly in this rustic style bouquet.

When it comes to picking your fall wedding flowers, it’s all about choosing the right fall colors. From there, you can use our list above to help you choose your favorite flowers to include in your fall wedding bouquet or other wedding decor such as centerpieces and even corsages. Browse our wedding collection for more great ideas!

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