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At-Home, COVID Friendly Engagement Session

Jenn and Brett’s intimate engagement shoot from ALN Images

How Did You Meet?

From Jenn:
“We grew up 10 minutes apart from each other in Malvern and West Chester and then both went to the University of Pittsburgh, but we didn’t meet until after we both graduated undergrad. Brett was working and I was in grad school, and we met at dollar drinks night at a bar in a neighborhood of Pittsburgh. When we realized we were from the same area, we really hit it off. I think he was saved in my phone as “Brett West Chester” until we were married!”

Describe the original proposal!

“I grew up going to Cape May, NJ with my family and loved sharing the town with Brett while we dated. In August 2018, Brett booked us a bed and breakfast in town. We woke up to watch the sunrise and he proposed. It was very romantic and we were the only people on the beach! After spending the morning celebrating, we went out to lunch where he had invited our parents and some local extended family. We felt showered in love!”

What does each of you love most about each other?

“I love that Brett can make the day-to-day routine so goofy and fun. There is never a boring moment when you’re with Brett.

Brett’s answer: What I love most about Jenn is how compassionate she is. It is evident in big things like her dedicate to her career in speech pathology, and small things like the way she treats our pets.”

Inspiration for this photo session? What makes it unique to you and Philly?

“We were married in the midst of a pandemic, and are starting our newlywed life during strange times. A silver lining has been being able to spend so much with one another, our cat, June, and our pandemic puppy, Mia, in our house we bought last year. I wanted to get pictures to remember what a strange year 2020 was, and how we got through it together in our brick twin in Ardmore.

Our entire love story jumps around different suburbs of Philadelphia, but our neighborhood in Ardmore is where our hearts are. There is so much charm in our walkable but residential area. We love seeing the variety of families here and we’re so glad that the city is so accessible.

I call Ardmore ‘Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood’—everyone is so kind and friendly. It is a totally typical day to find a treat from a neighbor on the porch for no real reason—whether its vegetables from a garden, a baked good, or an entire meal. I definitely knew I wanted our pictures to be taken in or around our house.”

How did you wedding go? Did you have to make changes? What went into the planning and purpose of this session since your wedding has passed?

“Because we already had a long engagement, we really didn’t want to wait to get married. I was upset that our planned festivities were ‘for naught’, and asked my mother and mother-in-law if they could plan a backyard wedding for us. It was the best decision, and I am so appreciative that they were willing to take on that task. When Brett and I showed up that day, we didn’t have any concrete ideas of what it might look like. What ‘the moms’ had planned was leagues beyond our expectations, complete with flower grandmas, a signature cocktail, and a ‘venue’ worthy set-up.”

Tell us why you chose to work with ALN IMAGES (Alli) and how it went?

“Although Alli and I did not really know one another in high school, I found it fitting to find a photographer from my high school to capture our love story—which arguably only began because Brett and I talked about being from the same area. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I had already followed Alli on Instagram and loved her ability to capture relationships in a timeless but artistic way.”

Photography by ALN Images