Backyard Family & Friends Wedding from Alyssa Kaufman Films

Tim and Hannah’s wedding was all about one thing, fellowship with their families and friends. The couple met through their Bible fellowship and the backyard used for their wedding is the home of their reverend and officiant. Our FAV, Alyssa Kaufman Films, was there working her cinematic magic for all of us to enjoy.

From the Couple:

“Our wedding planning went smoothly and gradually. We planned it over about 6 months and it was such a small wedding (18 total in attendance) that we were able to take our time with planning. We focused a lot on food and making it a relaxed, intimate experience for everyone. The venue was the house of our friend (and reverend). He and his wife host and lead our weekly bible fellowship and he has been in our lives since we were children. It was very special to have it there, in our weekly fellowship room (which we redecorated and rearranged). Our friends (and house owners) were perhaps even more excited to have the wedding there than we were to find this perfect spot! We had been thinking of many options and then both thought of this house at the same time and thought, yeah!!”

“The inspiration for the wedding (as far as decor and theme go) was wintery but also kind of royal, with gold and a lot of velvet, and winter colors of navy, dark red, dark green and ivory. It was a color combo just right for the time of year and floral arrangements we liked. “

“My favorite (bride) memory of the day was the wedding ceremony itself, especially the word of prophecy given by the minister who did our wedding. I also really enjoyed all sitting down to eat the fantastic dinner we had been planning. Many of our friends came together to make the delicious meal of our dreams.”

“My advice for couples planning a wedding is to try to focus the day all around the commitment being made, so it stands out to you in your mind and memory as well as to the guests. That’s what it is about. Additionally, realize it will go fast so plan to take time during the day to take it all in or reflect. Also, don’t plan it all around what weddings are normally like. Your wedding can be anything – if you don’t like dance parties or parties at all it doesn’t need to be one. If you love them, it should be!”

‘Our vendors were all people we know and love well, from our bible fellowship family. We have skilled and loving friends who worked to do each part of the wedding, and I (bride) took care of planning and setting up the decor (except flowers) with some help on the day before. It was a wedding full of great love all around and didn’t involve any typical wedding vendors – which was perfect for us! It was more like a special dinner party’

Videographer: Alyssa Kaufman Films