Top Beauty and Health Tips for a Winter Bride – Winter Weddings

Every year, brides across the globe prepare for their wedding day. And recently, more and more brides have been opting for a winter fairytale wedding, using the most of what the winter months have to offer. And while winter is arguably the most romantic and picturesque season for a ceremony, this type of wedding requires a bit more work on the bride’s part. Winter brides have to do their best to stay healthy. But can one really avoid all the threats that come with the season, as well as dry, cracked skin? Here are some tips you might find helpful if you’re a winter bride yourself.

Stay active

When snow falls and the cold hits, it is all too easy to want to do nothing but wrap up in a blanket with a hot cup of cocoa and just stay inside where it’s warm. But doing that will severely weaken your immune system and you might find yourself with a dress that’s slightly too tight on the wedding day. After all, fresh winter air will do wonders for you, so even a 30-minute walk in the morning will bring many benefits. Just make sure you dress accordingly and protect your skin, so you don’t get sick.


Cold air and harsh winds that inevitably accompany winter have a tendency to dry out our skin and even make it crack, which isn’t only an aesthetic problem, but it can also be very painful. The first step is investing in a high-quality, heavy moisturizer and body lotion. Apply it every morning and repeat throughout the day if needed. Always wear gloves and a scarf to protect as much of your skin as possible, and carry a multipurpose moisturizer and a lip balm in your bag.

Eat well

The winter season is full of holidays and in the entire festive spirit, we tend to forget that it is still important to eat well if we want to stay healthy. So, while you are munching on some homemade Christmas cookies, make sure you get some vitamins and proteins in as well. A great way to get some extra vitamins is to use a Kuvings cold press juicer to make smoothies that will go well with your breakfast. Fresh fruit and veggies can be difficult to find during winter, but taking frozen ones and thawing them the night before will work just as well.


The cold can really damage your hair, and the caps we wear to protect it don’t really do it any good either. The best way to protect your hair is to feed it well with serums, masks and good-quality shampoos and conditioners. If you notice that your ends are splitting and look dry, you should give them a little trim, for the sake of the overall health of your hair.


Winter makeup looks will always lean more towards elegant, rather than bright and fun. It is the perfect season to play with darker shades without looking too strict or goth. Try a beautiful burgundy cut-crease with silver details to break it up and add to the festivity. Pair it with a matte nude and feel free to go a few shades darker than you normally would. Feel free to switch to a heavier foundation that can protect your skin from the wind as well.

If you just do your best to stay as healthy during the winter as you would during summer, you will be well on your way to glowing with happiness on your big day without any memories of a stuffy nose or cracked lips!

Guest Blogger: Georgia Selih is an author at By nature an artist, by profession a journalist. An irreparable print lover who is enjoying this hot digital affair.