Brides (and Grooms) Treat Yourself to Laser Hair Reduction

Personally, I feel like I have forever dreamt of the day I could go and get laser hair removal. I had always assumed it was completely unattainable because it was maybe too expensive, or wouldn’t work for me. Well, boy was I wrong. I absolutely love my results from Bare Skin Laser Med Spa. The cleanliness, the personal nature of those assisting you, the affordability of the treatments, and the convenience of the whole process are really just the cherry on top. You can truly go and get a service during a lunch break, and depending on your skin and hair type (as well as the location you receive the service), you can see results right away. Amazing!


I can tell you all day about how glad I am about finding and choosing Bare Skin as my Med Spa but I’ll let Nurit Nisimi, the Owner, answer some important questions so you can feel confident to see for yourself:

What services does Bare Skin offer?

Laser Hair Reduction, Laser Vein Reduction, Laser Sunspots Reduction, Vela Shape and Botox

 Why do you recommend these services to a bride or groom to be? Are there certain services better fit for certain clients?

Laser Hair Reduction is great for future brides and grooms. By the time the wedding comes there will be no ingrown hair, skin bumps, discoloration, razor burn, horrifying wax experiences and most likely won’t have to bring a razor on the honey moon! We treat laser hair reduction to all ethnicities; male and female.

What should clients expect when coming to Bare Skin from booking the appointment to having an actual service?

Patients coming to Bare Skin Laser MedSpa will come in to do a fifteen minute consultation followed by Laser Hair Reduction sessions. Before coming in to a consultation, the patient should properly shave the area being treated.


 Do you offer consultations? If so, when in the planning process of a wedding should those desiring services, like laser hair removal, begin their treatments?

Yes ,we do offer consultations. The Bride/Groom should schedule a consultation as soon as possible after the engagement.

 When someone is looking for treatments like you offer, what are the most important things you suggest they look for in a Med Spa?

The best warrantied Machines in the industry particular to skin tones. Also make sure all technicians are licensed.

 Tell us more about you as the owner of Bare Skin: what do you love about your business, Philadelphia, and your clients?

I believe every man and woman should have the opportunity to experience smooth and hairless skin, regardless of skin tone or budget. There is no better pleasure than fulfilling men and women’s dreams. I have traveled the world researching laser machines and techniques to ensure our clients receive the best results possible. We take pride in our customer’s satisfaction and referral program.

I have been in the hair removal business for over seventeen years, and I began with threading techniques, taught to me by my grandmother. I went on to study at Jean Madeline where I graduated with honors and completed the teaching program. Later, naturally, I was interested in the world of laser hair removal as it offers amazing results. I was then trained by Candela and opened Bare Skin Laser MedSpa in 2011. I am continuously expanding our business, hosting specially trained doctors to offer our clients even more beauty options, such as Botox, Sun Spot Reduction, Vein Reduction, and VelaShape.

As if that isn’t enough to get you ready for your treatment, here is the link to their recent Groupon deal. Now go be happy and hair free!


Xo, Diana

Bare Skin Laser MedSpa

by Diana DuHaime


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