Amy and Jeff’s Chic Engagement Session at Rittenhouse Square by Ashley Gerrity Photography


Ashley Gerrity brought love to life for Amy and Jeff’s Philadelphia engagement session! The head-turning bride Amy blew us away with her cute tulle skirt paired with posh pearls, her chic ensemble brought out the sophisticated ambiance of Rittenhouse Square. There is an undeniable joy that is present with this couple and we can’t help but fall in love with their gracefulness. Keep scrolling to unveil a plethora of chicness!




From the Bride: “Jeff and I met at a wedding (Jeff was the best man)! The wedding was in Baltimore but the bride and groom had a table set for their “Philly friends”. We clicked instantly and were very happy to find out that we lived so close to each other at home. We also actually met a few new friends that night as well that we still keep in touch with. “




From the Bride: “My favorite thing about Jeff is his [positive attitude] in every situation we encounter. No matter how hard my day is, he always finds a way to put a smile on my face. Jeff lives in the moment, and always reminds me to never let the past affect my future. I am lucky to not only call him my fiancĂ©, but also my best friend. I can’t wait to see what our future holds.”






From the Bride: “Jeff proposed in Burlington, Vermont at Shelburne Farms. It was actually almost a year ago today (11-14-14) so it was very cold and snowy there. Jeff hired a photographer to take photos and since we were the only ones there (everything was closed for the winter) we were able to have a full photo shoot without interruption.”






From the Bride: “Our engagement photos were based solely around that pink tulle skirt! Once I found it I knew it was perfect, and ended up building our outfits around it. Our wedding site is at the Ballroom at the Ben, which has a very romantic and classy feel. I knew the tulle skirt would be a perfect match for our theme and I’m so happy with the way the pictures turned out!”






From the Bride: “We have definitely started wedding planning, and ended up booking our venues in 2014 to make sure we were able to have a spring wedding at a location we loved. The process has definitely been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun as well! Luckily I know what I want, so making decisions has not been hard for me. I even bought the first wedding dress I tried on!”



From the Photographer: “Jeff and Amy LOVE the city. Like, almost as much as they love each other. They really wanted to have their engagement session at a few locations – Rittenhouse Square, Washington Square and Broad Street. They were so committed to this idea, that they braved an insanely hot summer day and hoofed it to all these other locations. In those heels nonetheless! Amy’s sense of style is delightful, and her skirt reflected her playfulness and good taste. Jeff was a lovely complement with his pressed button downs and his pink tie. We can’t wait to see what loveliness and absolutely Philly-ness they incorporate into their wedding, coming this coming April [2016]!”

Vendors | Photography: Ashley Gerrity |