Classic Black Tie Real Wedding at Banca

Alexzandra Robertson Photography brings us this GORGEOUS Black Tie wedding at one of Philly’s newer venues, BANCA.

Gia and Owen’s wedding gives us so many classic wedding vibes. Owen’s bow-tie and suspenders, the subtle gold accents Gia managed to add to almost every moment, and even the Rolls Royce which ferried the couple to their reception, each detail gives us that classic black-tie feel that any downtown Philly wedding should.

Owen and Gia held their ceremony in their hometown at Saints Peter and Paul Church in Sewall, New Jersey.

After the ceremony, everyone headed over to the First Bank of the United States for some stunning photos in front of the marble columns and the gardens outside.

Of course if you’re going to have a classic Rolls Royce, you need the classic Broad Street photo with it!


The reception was held at DiBruno Brothers’ newest venue, BANCA, which was once a bank and later a popular night club in the 1980s. Beyond the unique architecture, couples can go downstairs for photos in the old vault.


Photography: Alexzandra Robertson Photography
Venue: BANCA