Great Gatsby Styled Engagement Shoot by Baiada Photography

Baiada Photography brilliantly snapped a beautiful array of photos that are the perfect presentation of Brittany and Thomas’s engagement!  This super cute couple is planning an elegant “Great Gatsby” themed wedding, so to no surprise they embraced the same theme for their engagement session.  B + T’s relationship started out as “just friends” and beautifully blossomed into a strong partnership that exhibits true love.  Their love is depicted in every shot, in addition to the vintage car, chic props and accessories used, this session blends the adoring 1920’s with a modern twist.





From the Bride-to-be: “Tom and I met at the gym, so cliché, right?! It all started almost 3 years ago, when I picked up a part time job at the gym, and Tom, who had just taken a new job, decided to take a month off, and come to the gym every single day. I was sure the BMW I saw him driving was in fact his mom’s car, though it turned out to actually be his. We became good friends, and as months went by, we were inseparable. We assured all of our family and friends, we were “just friends”, but all of our family and friends knew there was something more, we were just too dumb to see it. Finally, after a year of being best friends, Tom asked me if I liked him more than just a friend, as I was starting to act crazy when he would talk to other girls, which had never been a problem before. My response was “ummm maybe”, and that was the start of our new lives together. The night finished off with a first kiss, followed by me throwing up (I think that means true love). From that moment on, we both knew we were in it for the long haul.”




“There’s a lot to love, but what I love most would have to be the fact that he still continues to be my best friend.  There is literally no one else I would rather spend my time with, and even if we’re not doing anything, it’s just better when I’m with him.  We always make the best of every situation, we rarely disagree, because our personalities are so similar.  We find something to laugh at and smile about, even when it seems like nothing is going our way.”





“We had talked about getting married at some point, we knew from the second we started dating that this was it, and we were doing this thing called life together forever from that point on, but I was definitely not expecting a proposal that night.  It was a Friday night, I had worked a 12 hour shift, and we went to my dad’s house for dinner, our usual routine.  We came home to my apartment, and I noticed my bedroom door was shut, which was odd.  When I opened it, the room was filled with balloons from the ceiling to the floor, dozens of pictures of the two of them dangling from the ceiling fan, a bottle of champagne and rose petals in the shape of a heart on the bed. Some of the balloons floating said “will you marry me?”, I turned around, to find Tom on one knee, with the most perfect ring. I said yes, and the rest is history.”





Since starting to plan our wedding, I have had a vision in mind, I just didn’t know what that vision was at first.  Then one day it clicked, the light bulb went on.  I want a Great Gatsby Wedding.  So from that point, I started planning a vintage-glam wedding.  We knew we were going to get engagement photos, and knew that we wanted to let people know we were doing a Gatsby wedding, so I thought, lets do Great Gatsby-inspired photos for our save-the-dates!  Tom is dressed in a suit every day for work, and has an old soul, so this was a no-brainier for him.  We talked to our photographer, Tony Baiada (Baiada Photography), to tell him our vision, but we didn’t know where to get the photos taken.  I just knew what to wear!  It was Tony’s recommendation to use a vintage car, and even found one for us to use.  I found what I thought was a “Gatsby” looking dress, and got some fun jewelry, a headband, and some hot pink pumps, while Tom wore his vest and suit pants, a black bow tie, and completed his look with his fedora and horse head cane (he had this stuff in his closet… nothing was purchased for this shoot… that’s right, he owns a fedora and horse head cane… told you he has an old soul).






“I started wedding planning as soon as I was engaged 🙂 I knew that it would be a long work in progress.  My vision has changed immensely since the beginning of this process.  I started off wanting my 8 bridesmaids to wear the same purple fit-and-flair dress, and ended up having all 8 of my girls get different blush dresses.  Some of them are beaded, some of them are plain, I think it will be a good mix and be very Gatsby.  It has been a fun, sometimes frustrating, but usually fun, experience up to this point.  It’s interesting to see everything start to come together when you started just pulling from all different directions.  We have our venue, the Curtis Center in Philly, our date, November 18, 2016, and I have my dress, and the girls have theirs.  And we just booked our honeymoon!! Yay!! We will be in Cabo San Lucas this Thanksgiving!! Sorry, not sorry, mom and dad! We are currently working on boys’ attire and figuring out how to decorate, I’m thinking beads, pearls, and shiny things.  We can’t wait for this day, it will be the party of a lifetime, with our favorite people, dressed up in fun clothes.  6 months to go!!”

Vendors | Photography: Baiada Photography | Location: Ridley Creek State Park in Newtown Square, PA |