Outdoor Ceremony at the Delaware River by Mariya Stecklair Photography

Mariya Stecklair Photography beautifully captured an intimate celebration that exhibited the pure love between our featured couple, Laura and Eddie.  This outdoor ceremony took place right along the Pennypack Trail which is located just above the Delaware River.  An excellent location, that seemed to be blossoming with spring flowers and natural vibes!  Laura and Eddie’s beautiful wedding day was filled with family, loving affection, and the grace of nature.  So keep scrolling to see how it beautifully unraveled!

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From the Bride: “We met in 2005 during my junior year of college. I was bar-tending a couple nights a week at a neighborhood bar when he walked in. He grew up in the same area but we never crossed paths which was a little strange. We talked for hours and decided to go back to his place to watch a movie.  Needless to say I have not left his side ever since.  When someone asks him how we met he always says “She took her boots off and never left”. lol”

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Mariya Stecklair Photography Philadelphia Photographer

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“He proposed to me on Christmas Eve. Every year my family has a small party… so he waited until my whole family was there and then popped the question. It was a little embarrassing but turned out to be a great night.”

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“We have been engaged for a couple years and thought now would be the best time to finally get married. We knew we wanted something small so I booked a wedding chapel near my house to perform the ceremony and my family would all meet afterwards for a party. Everything was going as planned until a couple days prior to the wedding date, I could not get ahold of the chapel…it was like they just vanished. No one was in the building and their phone was out of service and to make things worse I had around 25 people excited to see us get married. The day before the ceremony I decided to look online for an officiant. Within minutes I received a call back from the nicest guy who was willing to marry us just about anywhere.  So last minute we decided to have our wedding outside at a beautiful park near my house. Crazy enough everything worked out and my day was amazing.”

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“One of my favorite moments from my wedding would have to be – during the ceremony when my now husband’s hands were shaky. He mentioned he wasn’t nervous but I could see it in his face…it was very cute.”

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“The best advice I could give would be to just go with the flow and try not to make your day a stressful one. Things may go wrong but just remember that at the end of the day it’s all about the two of you… not your surroundings.”

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