“Green” Sustainable Wedding Favors

For the environmentally conscious and sustainably aware bride, wedding favors can be the cause of a huge headache. With the prevalence of cute but cheap plastic favors in the wedding market, it can be hard to think of wedding favors that won’t add to the landfill the day after the wedding or add to the clutter of your guest’s home. Wedding favors can leave a lasting impression of your wedding day, so why not gift your guests with something that will last? Here are some ideas that we thought could leave a positive impact environmentally and socially.

1. TreeInABox: Tree In A Box kits provides everything your guests need to grow a tree from seed. Each kit is easy to use, designed to be “add water only” and can be grown easily in a sunny window.


2. Donation in your guests’ honor: The ultimate way to give back and encourage your guest to do the same! You can select the charity of your choice and make a donation in each of your guests name. There’s several foundations and one in particular is theĀ  I Do Foundation where you can make a donation in lieu of a material gift in your guests’ honor. What better way to spend your money than to an important cause?

via No Impact Bride

3. Edible treats with minimal packaging: Who doesn’t like a yummy treat at the end of the night? If they so desire, your guests can eat it as an appetizer before their entree arrives too. A delicious cookie, macaroons, or chocolates wrapped in paper with minimal packaging can be the perfect favor that will end up in your guests’ stomach rather than in the trash.

via No Impact Bride

4. Plant-able paper gift tag embedded with wildflower seeds: This favor can do double duty. You can write your guests’ names on the tags and have them be escort cards in addition to it being the wedding favor! Just be sure to have a sign that tells your guests about their special escort card!