engagement photos, ALN images

Intimate, Woodsy Engagement Session from ALN Images

1- How did you meet?

Like most modern-day love stories, we met on the dating app Hinge! However, out antiquated dating skills were stuck back in the early 2000s; before our first date, we talked on the phone (for hours) until way past our bedtimes. Daniel picked Deniece up for their first date, and they headed to The Tripel in Playa del Rey. They’ve been inseparable ever since!  

engagement photos, ALN images

2- Describe the original proposal!

After several months of COVID lockdown fatigue, Daniel and Deniece were able to sneak away from their children and spend a nice weekend in the Mountains of Malibu. Before heading up, Daniel surprised Deniece by taking her to the Tripel and popping the question where they first met!

engagement photos, ALN images
engagement photos, ALN images

3- What does each of you love most about each other and why?

Daniel is a great and supportive partner, he really puts me first and always wants to help whenever/ however he can. His energy and his positive attitude is infectious , and admirable. He can see the positive in any situation, where I may look at the glass half empty. I’m really thankful for him! Deniece is very pragmatic and gets things done. She has a drive and determination that is unmatched. I’m truly in awe of all of the things she juggles and am endlessly impressed by her achievements. She is a very caring and thoughtful partner and I don’t know where I’d be without her!

engagement photos, ALN images
engagement photos, ALN images, rings

4- Inspiration for this photo session? What makes it/you unique and relative to Philly, east coast etc? 

Deniece is from the east coast and spent several years living in Philly. She’s a huge Eagles fan! The inspiration for this photo session was inspired by the landscape of California. Most of our wedding guests are from the East Coast + Midwest and as we’re getting married in Ojai, CA, we wanted our guests in order for them to experience the different aspects of  SoCal (Palm trees, desert, greenery, mountains etc.)

engagement photos, ALN images
engagement photos, ALN images, back

5- You’re already planning your wedding, how’s it going? Did you have to make changes? What went into the planning and purpose of this session?

It’s been going pretty smoothly! We started planning a bit before we actually got engaged and we’d already been planning for an outdoor wedding. We’re hoping by fall of 2021 we can celebrate with friends and family!

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6- Tell us why you chose to work with ALN IMAGES (Alli) and how it went?

Alli and I went to college together and were in the same sorority! We both lived in LA after college and ran in similar circles as well. Once I got engaged, I knew her familiarity with the east coast, my college years, and LA would be the perfect fit for us! She has an amazing eye and captures love so beautifully. There was no other photographer we would have chosen!

Photographer: ALN Images
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