LeeAnne and Ivan’s Charmingly Sweet Engagement in Philly

Philadelphia is a charming place, from the popular locales to the sweet hidden gems, it seems as if magic is all throughout the city!  LeeAnne and Ivan are adding a touch of sweetness to our lovely city with their natural charisma that shows in every photo.  In addition to their everlasting adoration, this couple is clearly still head-over-heels in love, after being together for more than a decade.  This sweet couple is such a delight to behold, and they are taking this city by storm as they celebrate more fanciful adventures together!
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Claridge Rooftop 3 (900x1350)
From the Bride-to-be: “Ivan and I are high school sweethearts and have been BEST friends ever since. We started out talking on the phone for hours about our dreams and aspirations, walking to each others houses (before we could drive), and found pretty much any reason to spend time together. We began falling in love (literally) during a fall camping trip and made it official on October 19, 2003. We were inseparable from that moment on!”
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“We loved being in the city; cuddling at the top of the Art Museum steps, having dinner at Bistro Romano and Marathon Grill, and picking up pastries and taking them to Rittenhouse Square park for an evening picnic after work. Little did we know that, through the twists and turns of life, we were beginning the greatest adventure of our lives! Through the many great times including birthdays, births of our beloved nieces and nephews, and friend’s and family’s weddings, we have also shared each others arms for the hard times that included losing both sets of parents. Our love has surpassed the test of time and it thrills me to think of us growing old together and all the new adventures we will have.”
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“Our photographer, Stacy Kirn Photography, followed us around the city to some of our favorite spots. We started off at the top of the Claridge Hotel where a friend made it possible for us to take pictures on the rooftop deck there. The view was extra special to us because it allowed us to look up at the spot where we got engaged-the Observatory deck on Liberty One!”
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Stacy Kirn Photography
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“After that, we strolled through Rittenhouse Square Park, which has always held a place in our hearts. We love to stop and sit on the benches and just listen to the hustle and bustle of our great city. As every great day needs a break for the sweetest things in life, our next stop was the Bakeshop on 20th. Lisa (the owner) was an absolute doll about letting us use her bakery for our photos and gave us free reign to do whatever we wanted. We had such a blast including all of her adorable decor and pastries as props for our “Love is Sweet” segment of the shoot.”
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“From there we hurried over to the Fairmount Water Works to catch that beautiful “Golden Hour” where the sun just gives everything around it a warm glow. These pictures speak volumes of the pure talent of our photographer. Finally, we ended this fun filled day at Nineteen in the Bellevue. We are so blown away by the beauty of this restaurant! It has been a favorite for many birthday and anniversary celebrations.”
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Vendors | Photography: Stacy Kirn Photography | Locations: Claridge Hotel, Rittenhouse Square, Bakeshop on 20th, Fairmount Water Works, and XIX Restaurant |