Local Vendor Highlight: Brushing Bride

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Brushing Bride is a Philadelphia based company that illustrates your wedding dress into a timeless piece of art that you can cherish for the years to come. Brushing Bride is not only wildly unique but you can expect a keepsake that is finely detailed and crafted to perfection. We had the pleasure of speaking with Krystina Faillace, the owner and talented artist behind the company, see why Brushing Bride is a vendor that we love!


Tell us about Brushing Bride, and how it all began!

My best friend was getting married, and as her Maid of Honor I wanted to do something special besides throw a killer bachelorette party. When we were younger I would draw pictures and gift them to her on special occasions. I thought it would be a cute idea to draw something for her wedding, and her gown seemed like the perfect subject. It was extremely unique, and, like most brides, she was in love with it. I joked with her about the money she was spending on a dress she would only wear once then put away in her closet. I framed the illustration and gave it to her on her wedding day. Afterwards, her twelve bridesmaids asked to place a custom order and, thus, Brushing Bride was born!

Who is Krystina, aside from Brushing Bride?

In my free time, you can find me exploring the neighborhoods of Philadelphia and visiting some of the iconic landmarks that we, as residents, tend to take for granted. When I am not in Philadelphia, I can be found traveling any place that has a beautiful landscape, good food and wine or an opportunity for adventure. I compete in road and trail races, sprint triathlons and a have done a few Crossfit competitions. I have a serious love for good food and an admiration for great food and those that make it. Finally, I enjoy experiencing all of the aforementioned with strangers, friends and family.


How long does it usually take you to finish a drawing?

The illustrations vary depending on the dress detail and intricacy, along with the sizing preference. A simple gown on an 8×10 piece of paper can take as few as three hours, whereas the detailed, large-scale drawings fit to an 11×14 can be upwards of six to seven hours.

Do you favor more challenging dresses over simpler ones or vice versa?

Good question! In terms of my personal style, I tend to gravitate toward a clean, couture look; however, when drawing, I love the detailed gowns. They challenge me as an artist and help me develop my technique. I find it more rewarding when I push the boundaries and execute a complicated design.

Have you ever thought about designing dresses, since you draw them so often?

 I have experimented with creating 3D gowns out of wire, but I wouldn’t necessarily call that wearable fashion. I think that eventually I will dabble in the design aspect. It would be pretty special if I could design my own wedding gown one day.

Do you get inspiration from any other artists/fashion designers?

Of course! I have a slight obsession with Roy Lichtenstein’s work. Not only was he one of the most important figures in the Pop Art Movement, but I am intrigued by the controversy that surrounds his work. Paul Phillipe Cret, a French architect, designed several of my favorite Philadelphia landmarks – the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, including the Rodin Museum, the Ben Franklin Bridge, and the Barnes Foundation Gallery. His architecture has a classic temperament, but it is also pragmatic. As far as designers, I really love the classics – Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior. Basically, anything that Grace Kelly has let touch her body. At the moment, my favorite bridal gown designers are J Mendel, Oscar de la Renta, Reem Acra, Hayley Paige, and I am digging most of the dresses in the BHLDN line.


What are your future goals for Brushing Bride?

 Short term, I would like to be featured in a few more wedding magazines, partner with a dozen boutique event planners, promote two wedding dress donation charities, penetrate the NYC market and double profitability of the business by year end of 2016. Long term, I would like Brushing Bride to not only be well-known, but the go-to for custom wedding dress illustrations. I also have some other ideas for product extension, but they are remaining a secret as of now!

What else do you like to draw, aside from wedding dresses?

I actually really enjoy watercolor with pen and ink. I have been doing several custom pieces in this style, mostly with architectural structures as the subject.

Why is Brushing Bride Centered in Philadelphia? Are you from Philadelphia? What do you love most about Philadelphia?

I grew up in Philadelphia, and I am in love with everything about this city! There is a diverse urban fabric represented in the culture, the neighborhoods and the food! It has character, and I don’t think we are trying to be anyone, but ourselves. There is a reason why we have been gaining the national and international attention we have been as of late. Those of us lucky enough to live here knew these secrets all along!

Are you surprised by your success and where you are today?

What I am most surprised by is the support. I have had so many people from the past and present reach out offering me their congratulations, their ideas and even their help. I have caught up on old friendships and created new ones. It’s always nice to have people surrounding you that lift you up.


If Brushing Bride did not exist, what would you hope to be doing?

 Hmm…ensuring that it did exist? Honestly, I think I found “it”. You know, that thing you love where you never have to work a day in your life? That quote really always irritated me. Not only is it work, but it’s a lot of work! More work than I ever imagined. However, there is a much greater reward in the realization that not only am I pushing myself beyond my comfort zone, but I just may very well succeed at doing so. I am excited to wake up and draw. I am excited to brainstorm ideas and grow the business. I even get excited to figure out new ways to package and ship my illustrations! Of course, I have other goals I plan on accomplishing in my lifetime, but Brushing Bride is what I want to be doing right now.

What new and exciting projects are you working on?

I am currently working with a bride who requested three generations of dress illustrations to display at her wedding. I also have a custom request for a  large-scale (30×48), ballerina painting done in acrylic. There are a few other pieces that I am really excited about, but you will have to check out for yourself @brushingbride!


Visit Brushing Brides website here


E: krystina@thebrushingbride.com

P: 267-627-4336