Maria In the Know – Luxury Honeymoon Planning

Who is Maria Swinarski?

I am a Luxury Travel Consultant with In the Know Experiences, a boutique travel agency, and I am based here in Philadelphia! I love exploring the world one beach at a time and I’m happy to have my feet in the sand every day possible. One of the best things about my job is being able to work while exploring unique destinations for couples. I am constantly trying out pizza spots in Philly and it’s rare that I will go somewhere more than once. You can also catch me as an instructor at Barre3.

Maria Swinarski, Philadelphia honey moon planning travel agent, in the know

When did you first realize your passion for travel and helping others to plan amazing adventures?

It all started with a family trip to Italy, and yes, I have a big & loud Italian family who loves food! We stayed a week in Rome and spent the first few days seeing all the typical tourist sites, then had a few days of “okay, what next?!” I took the initiative to find off-the-beaten path experiences for us, which included a local deli, a house that was occupied by the German’s during WWII, and olive oil tasting at a Sunday market. Worldwide destinations offer so much more than what is seen on the surface and I want to share my knowledge and expertise, giving couples an authentic unforgettable experience for their honeymoon and immersing them into the culture of where they chose to travel.

Maria Swinarski, Philadelphia honey moon planning travel agent

What are some things you help couples with to take their honeymoon to the next level?

The partnerships that we have built worldwide guarantee you are a special VIP that receives the best rooms, exceptional service, and special amenities. I have the insider knowledge for every destination on your travel list and will provide a level of service that transforms your honeymoon into something extraordinary. My relationships allow me to offer added values that someone would not be able to receive booking on their own. Who wouldn’t want to be upgraded or have a bottle of your favorite wine waiting for you upon arrival! It is especially important to recognize that no two couples are the same, each trip will cater to your own likes and requests. I also always like to add in a little surprise!

Maria Swinarski, Philadelphia honey moon planning travel agent

What is the process like for couples who want to book you for their honeymoon planning?

First step will be completing a Honeymoon Questionnaire. I have each person do this individually so they can talk about what they have always envisioned for their honeymoon, places they would be interested in going, and the experiences they want to have. With so many beautiful places in the world, sometimes the answers between a couple are vastly different! The more I know about a couple and their personalities, the more seamless the process is to create a trip that is catered to them. We will sit down and talk timing, budget, destination options, and some specific requests. Once we have matched you to your perfect destination, you get to relax while I put together your one-of-a kind trip. We will collaborate and adjust your itinerary until it is perfect, and your bags are packed!

Maria Swinarski, Philadelphia honey moon planning travel agent

What do you love most about helping wedding couples plan their honeymoon?

A honeymoon is the first trip as a married couple, and it should be extra special! There are so many other important people that are a part of the wedding day, but the honeymoon focuses completely on the two of you and gives you the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate at the end of your wedding journey. I love being able to blend the two visions together and create an experience that is unique and memorable.

Besides honeymoons, what other services do you provide?

I can also provide hotel room blocks for your wedding and Philadelphia Wedding-Weekend packages. I have established relationships with the top hotels in the area to get you the best rates and added amenities, ensuring they take special care of each of our guests.  For couples who have wedding guests traveling to the Philadelphia area and plan to spend more than one night, I can assist your guests with their room reservations, restaurant suggestions, and Philadelphia experiences. Don’t forget, a weekend in Philly is a vacation for them too!