Our Favorite Colored Stone Engagement Rings

Diamonds are forever – but so are sapphires, spinel, and aquamarines!  From Kate Middleton’s heirloom sapphire ring to Jessica Simpson’s deep red ruby, gorgeous colored stone engagement rings are popping up everywhere.
We’re loving these jaw-dropping sparklers from our favorite Philadelphia jewelers.   There’s a colorful option for every bride – from classic and stately to edgy and modern – but all are special enough to wear every day.


Max Weiner Jewelers


Bario Neal


Bario Neal

Not all gemstones are created equal!  If you’re hard on your jewels, consider a tougher gemstone that will resist chips and scratches.  Sapphire, ruby, and topaz are gorgeous options for a bride who is tough on her jewelry.  Look for a ring with a bezel setting or a low mounting to help protect your stone from wear and tear.


Left: Bario Neal Right: Max Weiner Jewelers

Brides who can handle a more delicate gemstone can consider a delicate pearl ring or a fiery natural blue zircon.  These stones require more TLC but can last a lifetime with proper care.  Remember to clean these more delicate stones with soap and water – or take them to your local jeweler for  a careful professional cleaning!

Click here for more information on caring for your colored stone engagement ring.

Our Favorite Colored Stone Engagement Rings

by Lauren Priori