Top 5 Meditation Centers in Philly To Make You a Better Lover

Being intimate with another person is a life-long, interactive dance of pulling apart and coming together, laughter and silence, discord and harmony.  This growth process of a relationship, though normal, can be extremely difficult for couples.  Mindfulness can offer a way to thoughtfully move forward towards a better understanding of yourself, your love and your shared experience together.

As John Kabat Zinn simply and beautifully put, “Mindfulness means paying attention to something in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgementally”.  It is the awareness of your present state, both mind and body, while withholding judgement and finding acceptance.  The practice is a tool to empower and control our internal world while reducing stress, improving ability to focus, and increasing empathy, understanding and compassion.

Within mindfulness, we first learn to listen deeply to ourselves and then to the ones that we love.  It allows us to become less defensive and more curious.  Sharing this practice towards a healing relationship, you will learn a balance of loving yourself in order to love more authentically and intimately connect with your partner.


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1. Shambhala

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Shambhala Meditation Center of Phildelphia offers a wide variety of classes and programs that are perfect for anyone looking for a healthier mind, body and relational experience.  The center also offers “Queer Sangha”, a free public meditation group for the LGBTQ community!

2. Amitayus Kadampa Buddhist Center

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You don’t need to practice Buddhism to look inward and find meaningful happiness at Amitayus Kadampa Buddhist Center.  They welcome everyone!  Find your true path to enlightenment or try it on for size at a free Wednesday morning class.

3. Sri Chinmoy Centre

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Discover the peace within and support your relationship practice Sunday afternoons at Sri Chinmoy’s free meditation classes!  Each session includes guided meditation and a special feature that includes music, poetry or a vegetarian cooking demo.  They offer free events, weekend retreats, live concerts and creativity workshops too!

4. Raja Yoga

Meditation-Class-PhotoPhoto via Raja Yoga

Enjoy a guided meditation at Raja yoga that will lead you to peace, focus, happiness and health through breathing and relaxation.  Learn and grow in a group setting or make it slow and romantic with a private meditation!

5. Sankhya Yoga School & Wellness Center

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Open your heart, let yourself in and begin to know your true self through guided meditation.  You and your partner will find a deep connection through mindful awareness.  Sankhya Yoga School and Wellness Center also offers multiple mind and body classes to rejuvenate and replenish all parts of your being.