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Sunset Engagement Session at Race Street Pier

Marie & Chris’s golden sunset engagement session captures everything we love about Race Street Pier. The huge Ben Franklin bridge, looming in the background, the shimmer of the Delaware river at sunset, and two super beautiful people madly in love. ALN Images really outdid themselves on this gorgeous engagement session, Side Note – Don’t forget you need a permit for Race Street Pier. Get all the details here.

What do you love most about your fiance?

What I love most about Chris is how committed he is to being the best father he can be. He also makes me laugh. 

How did he propose?

Chris proposed in the sweetest way possible, surprising me at this beautiful and private park near our house. His son was with us which made it even more special.

What was the vision for your engagement photos?

I wanted our engagement photos with Alli of ALN Images to feature Philly since it’s where we first met. I particularly wanted to shoot at the Ben Franklin bridge because I have always found it to be very beautiful and timeless. 

How is the wedding planning going?

Wedding planning has been a learning experience and very exciting. Luckily a lot of the planning is done, at least for now. 

What was your experience like with ALN Images?

Our experience with ALN Images has been phenomenal. Despite the overwhelming amount of talented artists out there, I was totally confident in my choice. This was not only because I trusted Alli as a person after our first meeting, but I trusted her work. One thing that immediately struck me about Alli’s work was that the couples in the photos didn’t look overly posed, photoshopped, or airbrushed, they actually looked like themselves! The genuine emotions Alli can capture was exactly what I was hoping to find in a photographer. There’s a Thoreau quote on her website, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Alli just gets it!