Timeless on South Street

We have spent our whole lives illustrating daydreams of who will be “the one”.  When we finally meet the perfect someone who colors between the lines of our sketch, each special moment creates memories that design a new, unique picture of life together.  For couples of Philadelphia, South Street has been helping to create memories for decades!  It seems time, however, to paint new light on pavement that has been known for it’s eccentric night life.   South Street can also provide an active and wholesome experience for couples who want to soak in the last drops of summer sun.  This Date Day will leave warm reminders of happiness in corners of the community each step of the way, making your portrait of love timeless.

Stop 1: Sip N Glo


Start with a sip, pic n go!  At this fresh, locally-sourced juicery you can literally leave your mark right on the wall of their store!  It’s a shot for a shot; simply refresh yourself with a shot of naturally sweet-tasting wheat grass and a member of the team will come out with an old school Polaroid camera to snap a quick pic of you and your date.  Its like the new-age, health-conscious version of etching your initials into a tree.  Watch as your mood and film simultaneously get brighter!  Pin it up on the wall together and its safely preserved to display your GLO-ing affection.  Not only is it absolutely adorable, but its awesome for you too!  These little one ounce cups pack in about two pounds of fresh greens that detoxify your body, increase mental clarity and improve energy.  Couple this with a vibrant juice or smoothie mix and you will be moving all day long!



Banana, Strawberries, Plain Greek Yogurt & Almond Milk
Spinach, Cucumber, Apple, Pineapple & Ginger
HONEYLOVE (Best of Philly 2015)
Banana, Spinach, Plain Greek Yogurt, Cinnamon, Honey & Almond Milk


Sip N’ Glo definitely lives up to its name! And with the launch of a second location in Rittenhouse, the whole city will be radiating with light!

Stop 2: Philadelphia Magic Gardens

After you’ve collected some natural juice energy, head over a block to meet the perfect sensory companion for a wheat grass buzz.  Philadelphia Magic Gardens evokes feelings of child-like wonder and excitement in its brilliantly mindless passageways.  Even if you’ve been here before, its never the same experience.  It is a distinctive venue that has ever-changing art galleries, cultural demonstrations and community projects to compliment it’s allure.  The mosaic itself is an interactive display of three dimensional art that goes beyond looking at an aesthetically pleasing surface.  The recycled products surround and inhabit you as an exchangeable piece of its seemingly living existence.  Once you are inside, you and your date have officially been encompassed as part of its fragments and are taken on a freeing journey through the abstract foundation.  Simply put, it’s breathtaking.  Enjoying this adventure with someone you love is something you will be talking about for a lifetime. (… and it’s only 7 bucks!)




For more multi-sensory experiences during the garden’s lustrous evening hours, check out tickets for Twilight in the Gardens, a BYOB event with live music and hands on activities, and Garden Sips for crafts, vinyl tunes, and refreshing drinks under the moon.

Stop 3: Supper


You’ll be ready to unwind after walking around and taking in the visual glory of Philadelphia Magic Gardens.  Don’t look too far, just another block back towards Sip N Glo is satisfying comfort foods that will have you melting in your seat.  Supper has been renowned for its brunch specialties and for good reason.  Just say the name, “Supper”.  Ahhh, doesn’t the cadence of the word drip like sweet honey from your mouth and warm your insides?  Well their food does too!  This place preserves all those pleasant feelings from the humble flavors of the dish to the inviting aromas and sounds in the kitchen that hug the open room.

The colloquial nature of Supper stands in relief of other places in Philly, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that fills you with heartfelt reminders of walking into your childhood home.  Tall ceilings expand the space while large, open windows surround the farmhouse wood in natural light to foster it’s glowing, airy sentiment.  The open kitchen highlights a communal feel that is the true expression of southern culture.  It becomes about more than eating, and about really being present and enjoying the company of others.

Founder and head chef Mitch Prensky’s main goal is approachability.  He describes how to run a restaurant like this, “Invite over a group of your favorite people on earth.  Whoever you would have over, do the same for these people”.  Mitch is well-known for customizing his dishes to meet the needs of the customer.  He has actually run across the street to the store to grab special ingredients that cater to specific orders.  He says, “if I wanted to cook for myself I’d stay home!”  It’s an organic experience that’s all about you and your partner enjoying yourself.




The simplicity of Supper’s dishes preserves great southern-style cooking in a way that escapes main stream stereotypes of “southern food”.  Food is always seasonal and always fresh with a great portion of their menu being hand picked by Mitch from their very own organic, Blue Elephant Farm five days a week.  The foundation of each entrée is built upon beloved, traditional comforts but with an added inventive and modern enthusiasm.  There’s nothing aggressive or manipulative about the process, just ingredients properly appreciated to enhance their natural goodness.  Banana Custard French Toast is prepared with freshly baked bread that’s soaked for two days in house-made banana custard and fried fresh to order.  Red Velvet Waffles hide each sweet bite of warm molasses bourbon cherries in its welcoming nooks for a savory experience from beginning to end.  Supper is thoughtful and nurturing through and through.  The end result: satisfaction.


Banana Cream Pie French Toast banana custard, fresh banana, nilla wafers, salted caramel


Supper Frittata three egg frittata with choice of two fillings, served with caramelized onion hash browns and toast


Red Velvet Waffles sweet cream cheese mousse, toasted pecans, molasses bourbon cherries

Vendors | Photography: Barry Borosky | Venues: Sip-n-Glo, Philadelphia Magic Gardens, Supper |