Philadelphia Eagles Engagement Session by Alison Leigh Photography

written by Dolly Marshall

There’s three things Meghan and Justin have in common: their love for cats, their love for food and their life-long love for football! So what could be more quintessential Philadelphia than celebrating their impending marriage in the “City of Brotherly Love” with a whole lot of E-A-G-L-E-S flair!

couple sitting wearing jerseys in football field
couple playing football in field
man lifting woman on football field

How They Met

“Through my best friend. They attended the same networking committee and Justin eventually started work at the same company as my best friend. I was meeting Emily at a bar and while waiting for her I saw this guy and thought he was a total hottie and didn’t it turn out when Emily got there she is like oh this is my friend Justin and he was with his very serious girlfriend at the time. (DARN). But things ended up not working out with them and Emily was on high alert telling me he was single and to come to an ugly sweater party they were both going to be at and the rest is history.” 

couple embracing in city
couple embrace in downtown philadelphia
couple kiss in city

Meghan shares what she loves most about Justin,”How caring and funny he is. He is such a sweet, loving human and genuinely cares about me. Even just doing the simplest things I look at him and just smile and realize how darn lucky I am to have him in my life. We are very similar and it just makes life so fun to spend time and do things you love with the one you love. He is always making me laugh and I adore his silliness. We try not to take life too seriously, and just enjoy each other with plenty of laughter and love. This is funny but another thing I love about him is he adores our two cats, it’s very rare to find someone who is as obsessed with cats as much as I am.”

couple standing in front of Philadelphia  City Hall
couple outside of diner
couple sitting inside of donut shop

The Proposal

“Every year we take a trip to Rehoboth beach and this particular year the whole time we were there it was cold and down pouring. Justin planned on purposing during this trip and kept holding off because he thought the rain might hold off. When we go to the beach we love to watch the sunrise and every morning we TRIED to see if the sun would be out and NOTHING. So one of the last days he just got tired of hiding this ring from me we were on the beach and it was rainy and windy and freezing (no sunrise, AGAIN) and he proposed. It was honestly so special bc it wasn’t perfect weather and the whole vacation wasn’t our ideal situation but it made for a great story and it’s just something we will never forget and we can laugh at. Not everything is life goes the way you want but we have each other and that’s what matters.” 

couple showing engagement ring
couple embrace in football locker room
couple holding football trophy
couple kissing in Eagles locker room

Engagement Session Inspiration

“WE LOVE FOOTBALL. I’ve been an eagles fan my whole life and it’s just something Justin and I embraced as a couple. It’s a huge part of our lives and we wanted photos that captured what we love. We also make regular trips to the city. We are both huge foodies and love exploring all the food the city has to offer. We’ve have so many memorable trips to Philly and it holds such a special place in our hearts that we couldn’t think of a better location that is more us to have our pictures done.”

man carrying woman on football field
couple sitting in philadelphia eagles locker room
couple playing on football field
couple smiling on football field
couple pose on football field
couple kiss in football stadium

Wedding Planning

“Honestly I feel bad saying this but I HATE IT. With all the pressure from social media  of what a wedding should be I think people are getting caught up in trying to make their wedding Pinterest perfect and it can drive you nuts. Also the expectations of others and trying to please everyone else. At the end of the day I love Justin so much we don’t need all the bells and whistles we have each other and we want the day to be about our love. We have decided to do a small barn wedding of 45 and a reception at a winery with our favorite junk foods. It’s not traditional and what everyone expects, but it’s us.” 

couple embrace in football stadium

Alison Leigh Photography

“SHE IS A GEM! Honestly she is part photographer, friend, and therapist. We love her as our photographer she is crazy talented and gave us the most beautiful pictures we will cherish forever. She understands Justin and I as a couple and we feel very comfortable around her. We honestly had a blast the day of our engagement shoot and had PLENTY of laughs. She just reminds us this it’s our day and not let the craziness weddings bring overwhelm us. She is so calm and she has been the best part about wedding planning so far.” 

 Vendors | Photography: Alison Leigh Photography