Wedding photographers are the cornerstone to helping you relive every precious moment of your wedding day.  If you’re searching for the right photographer for your event, then there’s no doubt that you’re going to want the best-of-the-best!  Philadelphia is one of the largest wedding markets in the country, so there is definitely a lot of talent to choose from in our city.  Just to make things easier for you newlyweds, here’s a list of a few Philadelphia wedding photographers that we love and we think you will too!  Keep scrolling to see our list of local photographers and get a glimpse of their incredible work that has been featured on our blog.

deibert photography, wedding couple
deibert photography

Deibert Photography

Ben and Ashley make up Deibert Photography, a husband-and-wife team based in Philadelphia with roots from NYC.

Each client is special to Ben and Ashley. They take the time to get to know you, your relationship, your family and are firm believers that in order to tell your love story through photography, you should be on this journey together, and maybe become friends along the way!

By focusing on a candid / classic blended approach to our photography style, Ben and Ashley ensure you get beautiful, creative images, but still look (and feel) like yourselves! Seeking out the “real” moments amongst people is their specialty.

jj studios bride photo

gay, LGBT, jj studios photography

J&J Studios

J&J Studios crafts a blend of classic and dramatic imagery with an emphasis on wide angle, environmental portraits, back lighting, and off camera lighting. They make ordinary moments absolutely beautiful by changing small things in photos to make them shine. Their images are bold, contrasty, colorful and as close to film look as possible.

morina photography
morina photography
Morina Photography

If you’re looking for those epic portraits and raw, candid emotions, Nik is the photographer for you. He is also owner of Morina Cafe located in Germantown. Sip an espresso or latte while Nik blows you away with his incredible photography.  He’ll also be one of the best dressed people at your wedding – seriously!

Laura Caporizzo Photography, bridal party on top of building in philadelphia

Laura Caporizzo Photography, bride and groom kissing in the snow, backlit

Laura Caporizzo Photography, groom emotional when seeing the bride

Laura Caporizzo Photography

Natural. Genuine. Fun. Flirty.

Laura Caporizzo Photography specializes in timeless and true-to-life imagery with bold colors and romantic undertones. Packages begin at $1400 and are customized for each event to suit your needs and budget.

Daniel Moyer Photography, bride and groom first dance at the union league wedding

Daniel Moyer Photography, bride and groom kissing with clouds and veil

Daniel Moyer Photography

Daniel’s stunning photography creates the kind of epic photos you’ll hang on your wall for the rest of your life. He has a very personal touch with each of his clients because his relationship with them allows him to capture the kind of photos he’s best known for.

kunda photography, psfs building wedding photos

kunda photography, bride posing in light

kunda photography military bride and groom

Kunda Photography

Super Mom, Kimberly Kunda, captures those intimate, honest, and real moments of your wedding. She’s the photographer who will walk barefoot into the creek with you at sunset to get the shot, and adventure to that one meaningful corner of the world with you where maybe you shared your first kiss. She’s all in, all the time.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers Alison Conklin Photography Philly In Love Philadelphia Wedding

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers Alison Conklin Photography Philly In Love Philadelphia Wedding

Alison Conklin Photography

Alison Conklin Photography is an award-winning photographer for weddings, engagements, and editorial.  Alison values understanding the emotion that every experience brings, and it truly shows in the way she captures every moment.  This vibrant Philadelphia wedding at Front and Palmer is a beautiful example of Alison’s exceptional work!

brad vassallo wedding photographer

Brad Vassallo

Stunning moments captured in stunning lighting. Brad brings his personal touch to every moment he captures. He’s a Temple Alum so if you are looking for a true Philly Local to photograph your wedding, reach out to Brad.

See This: Darling Down-Home Barn Wedding by Brad Vassallo

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers Ashley Gerrity Photography Philly In Love Philadelphia Wedding

Ashley Gerrity Photography

Ashley Gerrity Photography is the premier Philadelphia wedding photographer for couples who want creative, personalized service before, during and after their celebration.  Ashley and her amazing team offer quality and personable service that’ll make you feel at ease on your special day, because she literally makes you feel as if you’ve known her forever!

nicole cordisco photography, engagement image in sunlight

nicole cordisco photography, engagement session rittenhouse square

Nicole Cordisco Photography, Wedding couple on broad street philadelphia

Nicole Cordisco Photography

From Nicole, describing her photography style:

Natural. In the sense that it is completely focused on having my clients be themselves. I may use the natural light of the room or I may create dramatic, epic lighting. In all of the photographs, the common theme is having my couple not feel posed. I want them to hold each other like they would when snuggling on the couch, laugh at each other’s jokes, dance together like no one else is there. All of these pieces are what makes a photo magical. ”
See her “Romantic, City-Chic Engagement Session”

tami ryan photography, bride and groom at sunset jersey shore

bride and groom at union league, tami ryan photography

Tami And Ryan Photography

Classic romance and fun! Organic moments and bright, beautiful images that will last for a lifetime. Tami and Ryan are the perfect husband and wife photography team.

jordan brian photography, lgbt, lesbian, wedding couple

jordan brian photography. philadelphia weddinh photographers

Jordan Brian Studios

What makes Jordan Brian unique on our list of favorite photographers is his heavy use of actual photographic film. This lends his photography that film grain, timeless feel of yesteryear’s photography.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers Bee Dee Blue Photography Philly In Love Philadelphia Wedding

Danielle Soloff Photography

Danielle Soloff Photography captures weddings, engagements, family photos, and beyond!  This amazing duo is comprised of Bryn Nealis and Danielle Soloff, both Philadelphia based photographers.  The Bee Dee Blue team photographs genuine heartfelt moments that can be cherished for years to come.  Check out their photographs of this modern wedding at the Tendenza.

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers Brittani Elizabeth Photography Philly In Love Philadelphia Wedding

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers Brittani Elizabeth Photography Philly In Love Philadelphia Wedding

Brittani Elizabeth Photography

Brittani Elizabeth Photography is a photographer based in Willow Grove, PA.  Brittani prides herself on capturing timeless and prismatic images that truly show the authentic emotions of a wedding day.  The modern work that Brittani produces is absolutely breathtaking.

engagement photo, colin coleman photography

bride and groom kissing in the rain, colin coleman photography

Colin Coleman Photography

From Colin, describing his style:

Honest and real. I believe weddings are much more than cakes and flowers. My style starts with getting to know the people who are going to be in front of my lens. I want to spend quality time on that part, so when they get there I can capture them in the most genuine way possible. I want a couples’ photos to reflect what matters to them and who they are in this time of their life. I also love capturing laughter and silliness, and the unspoken things that weddings bring to the table. I think a person in love and a person laughing uncontrollably show vulnerability in different ways. Vulnerability makes for awesome, goosebump-making photographs.”

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers GraceD Photography Philly In Love Philadelphia Wedding

GraceD Photography

GraceD Photography is a wedding, food and lifestyle photographer that uses a photo-journalistic approach to capturing images.  Simply put Grace is passionate about photography, and it shows through her work that purely evokes emotion.  We absolutely adore this whimsical Philadelphia wedding and it’s just an example of all the beauty this photographer captures!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers Haley Richter Photography Philly In Love Philadelphia Wedding

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers Haley Richter Photography Philly In Love Philadelphia Wedding

Haley Richter Photography

Haley Richter Photography produces organic and artistic wedding and portrait photography that is absolutely stunning!  Haley’s beaux arts approach draws inspiration from natural elements, which truly makes her elegant and timeless style unique.  This photographer beautifully captured an elopement at Philadelphia City Hall, and it has us totally smitten!

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers Love Be Do Photography Philly In Love Philadelphia Wedding

Love Me Do Photography

Love Me Do Photography is a collective of Philadelphia photographers who capture Philadelphia weddings and beyond.  In addition to photography services provided by the lovely team of ladies at Love Me Do, they also offer videography, and photo booth!  This DIY wedding at the Mass building exemplifies the unique style of the weddings these photographers capture.

Featured Photo: Ashley Gerrity Photography