23 Philadelphia Wedding Photographers

10 Philadelphia Wedding Photographers We Love

Wedding photographers are the cornerstone to helping you relive every precious moment of your wedding day. If you’re searching for the right photographer for your event, then there’s no doubt that you’re going to want the best-of-the-best! Philadelphia is one of the largest wedding markets in the country, so there is definitely a lot of talent to choose from in our city. Just to make things easier for you newlyweds, here’s a list of Philadelphia wedding photographers that we love and we think you will too! Keep scrolling to see our list of local photographers and get a glimpse of their incredible work that has been featured on our website.

Deibert Photography


Ben and Ashley make up Deibert Photography, a husband-and-wife team based in Philadelphia with roots from NYC.

Each client is special to Ben and Ashley. They take the time to get to know you, your relationship, your family and are firm believers that in order to tell your love story through photography, you should be on this journey together, and maybe become friends along the way!

By focusing on a candid / classic blended approach to our photography style, Ben and Ashley ensure you get beautiful, creative images, but still look (and feel) like yourselves! Seeking out the “real” moments amongst people is their specialty.

Wedding party on carousel, Philadelphia wedding photographer
Engagement photo session of wedding couple

J&J Studios


J&J Studios crafts a blend of classic and dramatic imagery with an emphasis on wide angle, environmental portraits, back lighting, and off camera lighting. They make ordinary moments absolutely beautiful by changing small things in photos to make them shine. Their images are bold, contrasty, colorful and as close to a film look as possible.

Philadelphia wedding photographers, jj studios photography, bride and groom sparkler exit
Philadelphia wedding photographers, jj studios photography, engagement photos

Tami & Ryan Photography


Tami & Ryan are a husband and wife team with over 12 years of wedding photography experience! They focus on truly getting to know their couples and providing them with a stress-free experience, while capturing the story of their day and the genuine emotions surrounding it. As a past couple once said, ” They have such an innate ability to make you feel instantly comfortable with them!”, which then results in the most natural, beautiful images!

Philadelphia wedding photographers, tami ryan photography, bride and groom on dock
Philadelphia wedding photographers, tami ryan photography, bride and groom

Nicole Cordisco Photography


From Nicole, describing her photography style:

Natural. In the sense that it is completely focused on having my clients be themselves. I may use the natural light of the room or I may create dramatic, epic lighting. In all of the photographs, the common theme is having my couple not feel posed. I want them to hold each other like they would when snuggling on the couch, laugh at each other’s jokes, dance together like no one else is there. All of these pieces are what makes a photo magical. “
See her “Romantic, City-Chic Engagement Session”

philadelphia wedding photographers, nicole cordisco photography, engagement photo on ben franklin bridge
philadelphia wedding photographers, nicole cordisco photography, bride and groom on dock

Kunda Photography


From Kim:
“This world, your lives, my own life and the people I love — I can’t help but photograph it. What started as a curiosity and a fun past time as a kid, and no I won’t tell you how long ago that was, has turned into a passionate career over my lifetime. Besides being a mom, nothing makes me feel more alive and like I am fulfilling my life’s purpose than when I pick up my camera. I have been photographing weddings, families, corporate events and everyday life for as long as I can remember. I was still a child when I picked up my first camera and had that feeling like ‘oh…this. this is something of me.’ Not just what I love to do, but like ‘this is who I am.'”

Philadelphia wedding photographers, kunda photography, black and white, bride standing in beam of light from window
Philadelphia wedding photographers, kunda photography, bridal party being rowdy

ALN Images


From Alli:
“You can thank my Irish dad and Italian mom for turning me into a wedding photographer in Philadelphia. Family first, and yep, Catholic mass or bust. I grew up looking forward to every time my entire extended family could be in the same room. What’s a wedding? Everyone you love in the same place. One of the first weddings I ever shot ended with everyone singing their family’s traditional Irish drinking song. The second? I ended up sitting next to the bride’s grandmother who spoke only Italian and well, the rest is history. I had officially found a job in my happy place. Being a wedding photographer provides me with remarkable insight into the human experience. I believe that movement and laughter create the drama that makes moments real. Our experiences are the reason for the stories that build us. Documenting your wedding is about much more than imagery; it is sharing that experience with you, your family, and your friends. I see every wedding as an opportunity for a new experience that will in turn build me as well.” 

philadelphia wedding photographers, ALN Images
philadelphia wedding photographers, ALN Images

Alexzandra Robertson Photography


We love Aly’s super strong and film-like photography. Aly is passionate and excited about capturing those intimate, in-between moments of your love story. Focusing on real emotion and expression, she can preserve those feelings for a lifetime.

Alexzandra Robertson Photography
Alexzandra Robertson Photography

CSM Photography


Cary from CSM Photography goes the whole nine yards to ensure your wedding is preserved without missing a beat.  You won’t just get photos; you’ll receive heartfelt keepsakes that encapsulate every ounce of love, joy and meaning in a single frame.
Cary is known for his non-intrusive approach, that allows you to bask in the magic of the day, capturing every precious moment without missing a beat. The result is an artist’s fusion of creativity, careful composition, and stunning formality, giving you the best of both worlds. 

CSM Photography, Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, cary smith
CSM Photography, Philadelphia Wedding Photographer, cary smith

Smirnov Weddings


Gene brings his two-decade photography experience to capture your wedding day in an authentic and enjoyable manner. When you’ve been photographing weddings that long, you just know what to do. And that frees you up to focus on connecting with your bride and groom. That’s why you see such authentic emotion in Gene’s work.

Philadelphia wedding photographers, smirnov weddings, bride and groom walk down the aisle
Philadelphia wedding photographers, smirnov weddings, engagement photo

Iryna Shostak Photography


If you are looking for a wedding photographer with a clean, modern, artistic style, who gives high attention to details and outstanding customer experience, contact Iryna! Her striking wedding portraits are some of our favorites!

Philadelphia wedding photographers, Iryna Shostak Photography, bride portrait with cherry blossoms
Philadelphia wedding photographers, Iryna Shostak Photography, bride portrait in window