10 Wedding Planning Tips from Real Philadelphia Brides

I think it’s safe to say that all brides have an idea of their dream wedding!  Your wedding is a representation of you and your partner, so your special day is all about sharing the elements that are most true to your relationship.  When it comes to making those wedding dreams a reality, it’s important to plan accordingly and make every part of the process as stress free as possible.  It’s best to remind yourself of what’s most important and to keep a clear mind, which may not always be easy!  But these words of advice from Philly brides will help give you some ideas of how to keep it all together!  Keep scrolling for 10 wedding planning tips from real Philadelphia brides!

Real Philadelphia Bride: Taryn – Modern Unique Wedding at the Reading Terminal Market

“My advice to couples planning a wedding is to do what you want and to spend your money where you want. Couples prioritize different aspects of their weddings; therefore, if you want something, don’t let someone else tell you “it’s a waste of money… you won’t remember ‘xyz.’” I also suggest staying organized when you talk to different vendors to gauge prices and services. We had pretty comprehensive Google Sheets with many different tabs of information. For those people who are most special in your life, make sure they feel that way when you plan your wedding and make sure you express your gratitude when the day ends. Our day could not have been as incredible as it was without them. Remember the phrase: it’s all pretty irrelevant unless you enjoy the process.

To the brides, we had a team of makeup artists/hair stylists come to our BnB, which was so much more fun than going to a salon, in my opinion. I highly recommend finding traveling stylists like Diana (ONLO Beauty) – who was incredible (book her!).”

Real Philadelphia Bride: Kaitlyn – Winter Wedding at The Racquet Club of Philadelphia by Sweetwater Portraits

“The best advice Brad and Kaitlyn got which they would pass on is to choose the things really important to you. Brad and Kaitlyn really wanted amazing food and a stellar band. Spend your money on the things that matter most to you! In the end the incredible thing about a wedding is how the personalities and interests of the bride and groom shine through during the wedding event. Find something small to help personalize your wedding for your guests (like our favors) but in the end, make the day what you want, not what will be easiest for your guests! Find vendors who are great people as well as amazing at what they do. It is always easier to work with great people. Julie and Dutch of Sweetwater Portraits and Heather of Cottage Flowers are all wonderful people. They were patient, helpful, amazing artists, and more than anything they listen to your ideas! Find a moment in each part of the day to look at each other and look around and realize this day is about you! And everyone is there because they care about you! The day goes by so quickly it is important to take in as much as you can.”

Real Philadelphia Bride: Jenna – Huntingdon Valley Country Club Wedding by Ashley Gerrity Photography

“This may not be everyone’s style but I always wanted a wedding that everyone could look back on as an awesome, fun dance party.  I wanted the entire crowd to be dancing with not a dull moment.  (I love dancing!)  Where I decided I wanted to focus my energy was on the music.  If you want an upbeat wedding like I did, take the time to watch performances of different bands before you choose.  And when you do pick one, spend time with them to help them understand what type of music you prefer.”

Real Philadelphia Bride: Jule – Vibrant Farm Wedding at Lauxmont Farms by GraceD Photography

“Having a coordinator on the day really allowed us to enjoy every moment. Also, try to weave in some delightful and unexpected experiences that reflect who you are as a couple for your guests – they are what makes the day uniquely yours.”

Real Philadelphia Bride: Coleen – Romantic Flourtown Country Club Wedding by Pat Robinson Photography

“Our advice for couples planning a wedding is to enjoy every second of it. at times it can be frustrating and overwhelming but it will all come together. The day is over before you know it so enjoy every second of it even the days counting up to it. When the day comes, make sure you both take a moment to step back and take it all in. It’s amazing how caught up in the day you can get and it’s important to make sure you take that time for yourselves.”

Real Philadelphia Bride: Angela – Angela and Daniel’s Elegant Wedding at Union Trust

“I think that sometimes less is more.  We can get caught up in trying to do everything and make everything bigger.  Sometimes bigger isn’t better. And just try to enjoy everything!  Things will not always go as planned but that day, it doesn’t even matter!  You’ll be on cloud nine. :)”

Real Philadelphia Bride: Loren – Rustic Fall Wedding at The Lake House Inn

“Don’t stress about every little detail-it’s true, no one will see your shoes (I was also a non-believer) so wear something extra comfortable-and try try try not to look at the weather report-rain is good luck right?! But seriously, relish every moment of the process and enjoy it. Be gracious to all of those around you who are supporting you and offering a hand (nobody likes a bridezilla) but most importantly, on the day of, just relax and have the best day of your life-it goes by so quickly, try to enjoy it as if you were a guest and take an objective view-it’s much more fun that way, don’t worry it will be perfect.”

Real Philadelphia Bride: Amanda – Art Deco Wedding at the Stotesbury Mansion by Miana Jun Photo

“Start planning early/have a long engagement. We had about a year and a half and it worked out pretty perfectly as far as having plenty of time to save the money we needed and having lots of time to find vendors and plan. Also delegate! It’s easy to become bridezilla and need to do everything yourself so that it’s perfect. But you’ll save yourself a lot of stress if you put a few people you trust in charge of some of the larger details like flowers or transportation or hotel blocks and just have them check in with you. Assign duties to your wedding party and family for the big day so that you don’t have to worry about anything except showing up and looking your best. There will be enough going on day of, you want to have as little to worry about as possible so that you have time to take it all in and enjoy yourselves.”

Real Philadelphia Bride: Liz – Contemporary Chic Wedding at the Lake House Inn

“Wedding planning is stressful, but even after all of the frustration and tears it is all worth it. Every person that told me that it didn’t matter that our venue was changing was SO right. At the end of the day we were married and surrounded by all of our friends and family. In the big scheme of things that is all that matters and plus we had a AMAZING venue—like I said everything happens for a reason. Oh, and I failed to mention that I also had to get a completely different wedding dress because the first one I chose came in defected…”

Real Philadelphia Bride: Claire – DIY Garden Party Wedding by Alison Leigh Photography

“Try to stick to the priorities and choices that make the two of you happy. It is so easy to get lost in what you think you are “supposed” to do or what family and friends think you should do. Make compromises when it makes sense, but ultimately have a day that is uniquely yours.”